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Puppy Pre-School (Online)

How to raise your puppy from the minute you bring them home!

  • 2 min
  • £150 for course

Service Description

Learn how to solve all those puppy problems, like toilet training, biting everything in sight, jumping up and going crazy with the zoomies. These online modules are for people who have, or are about to welcome, a new puppy in their life. It contains dozens of how-to videos and handouts explaining everything you need to know to have the happy, calm, well-mannered puppy you dreamed of! The modules are divided into 6 weeks and cover topics including - Dog Body Language - The kindest way to train a variety of behaviours - How to introduce your puppy tp people, places and things - Prevent problems like aggression and separation anxiety - Activities to do with your new puppy - And much, much, more. Click the link below to enroll now....

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7e tullideph st

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