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Dog Training, Dog First Aid


Happy Humans

At Dog Tales, the aim is to help you have a happy, healthy dog.

Provider of:

121 Training, Life-skills Classes, First Aid Workshops, Online Programs, and Free Resources.

Dog Tales. Dog First Aid & Workshops

121 Training

"Claire is incredibly knowledgeable and patient when working with owners to help them understand and enjoy their dogs. She has a gentle yet confident approach which dogs respond to very well. Absolutely recommended"


Are you looking for 121 help with a training or behaviour issue?

Training programs available are:
General Life Skills (how to be a good dog)

Come Back When Called

Puppy Training and Socialisation
Happy Vet Visits

Heart Dog Program

Contact me for a FREE 40-minute confidence call to discover if Dog Tales has the right training package for your needs.

Use the form below to get in touch

Covers Dundee, Angus, Perthshire, and Fife for in-person training

Online Coaching available too

Dog First Aid

Travelling Scotland
Dog First Aid Scotland

The next workshops:

14th May Online 11am until 3pm

28th May Perth Pet Care 11am until 3pm

To book either workshop use the contact form below

To book us to run a workshop at your venue, email Claire at

First Aid Kit
HEART DOG Have The Happiest Dog You Can.png

Do you want to improve the relationship you have with your dog?

But you.....

Have no time for classes

Have had a bad experience with dog trainers

Want to go at your own pace

Heart Dog is aimed at giving you the knowledge, skills, and motivation to give your dog the best life. The truth about how little change you need to make to give your dog the life they deserve will surprise you!

Behaviour and training issues will disappear with the skills, knowledge and hacks contained inside Heart Dog!

Heart Dog will teach you how to:

Communicate with your dog

Your dog communicates with you

Take action that will benefit the health and behaviour of your dog and save you on costly vet bills

Create a calm and peaceful home-life

Build trust with being touched and giving medication

Heart Dog is an engaging must-have reference library. It is made up of 6 modules, split into 72 absorbing, bitesize, video learning and 72 entertaining challenges. At the end of this you will know the secrets to giving your dog a happy life. By completing the challenges, you might also notice that behaviour problems you have been having with your dog disappear. And what's more, you will know how to become the person that your dog thinks you are.

Give your dog the life they deserve and enroll in module 1, Needs and Enrichments, absolutely FREE!  


Hi, I’m Claire!

If you’re looking for you dog to be happy, to thrive and to create a bond of friendship and trust with them then you have come to the right place!

Right now, you might feel completely lost. You want the absolute best for your dog, but you don't know how to begin.

Conflicting and confusing advice and opinions have left you bewildered, upset and unsure what to do.

Imagine if instead, you knew exactly what to do in any situation, had the skills to teach your dog and were able to give your dog the life they deserve.

I’m here to help empower you.

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