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Compassionate Training

At Dog Tales, our aim is to provide real solutions to the most common challenges that people face with their dogs.  Through expert coaching and applying kind, achievable and humane principles, we are here to help you have the dog you are dreaming of.

From in person and online puppy socialisation, teenage troubles and training for fear free vet treatments there are a variety of classes on offer. These classes focus on communication, socialisation and science-based behaviour theory. No matter what service you book with us, you’re guaranteed to learn how to live more harmoniously with your dog.


Claire's passion is for animal welfare. Her education includes a BSc in Zoology, an MSc in Animal welfare science, ethics and law and has also studied for an Advanced diploma in canine behaviour. She has also been mentored by Max Muir at Action 4 dogs an experience she would absolutely recommend to anyone wanting to start their own training business. She also regularly attends training, workshops and seminars in dog training, behaviour and wellbeing.

She is committed to continued personal development and spends many hours each week increasing her knowledge.

Claire learned to train dogs and conduct training classes while working for the Dogs' Trust as a coach. She also assisted in the training classes at Perth Pet Care where she has worked looking after the dogs at the daycare since 2017. 

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